The ethics of being unethical

Pharmacists across the world face ethical dilemmas on a regular basis, if not daily.  Many factors play a role in our decision making, I list but a few:

  1. Knowledge of the laws and regulations, or indeed the lack thereof
  2. Knowing the patient and prescriber in question
  3. Fear of the patient and/or prescriber’s reaction to an issue
  4. Stock availability
  5. Time of day and or week
  6. Financial considerations
  7. Fear of loosing your job, and
  8. many more

I would like to try something different in this blog and please need your help.  Below you will find polls, all dealing with so called ‘ethical dilemmas’ – in no specific order.  Many of the UK pharmacists and certainly some pharmacists from abroad will recognise some of the issues.  I invite you to answer the polls honestly, and off course anonymously, and I will collate and publish the results in a weeks time.

Happy polling and thank you for your interest.


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