Bullying seems to be rife in the NHS

The 1st of October looms large in the future for pharmacy in the UK.  Much has been said about the new kid on the block, i.e. New Medicine Service, and much are still to be said.  Then there is the lesser cousin, targeted MURs, that is also discussed by many, but seems to raise fewer eyebrows.  And the black signet award goes to the beast sitting hunched there in the dark corner, and for some reason or other very few mention his name.  Yes that would be Clinical Governance.  The old beast CG is once again getting a face lift, but for some reason or other NMS seems to totally overshadow the new botoxed version of CG.  I wonder why?

I also wonder if it is wise to ‘conveniently’ forget about CG, especially the ‘new’ CG?  For the landscape has changed, and we have new concerns and lots of homework to do.  But allow me to let you into a little secret.  Pharmacy will in future be required to be musicians.  We are going to make music.  And the music we make is going to blow all our troubles away – yes, we are going to be whistleblowers.  All pharmacies will from the 1st of October, be required to have whistle blowing procedures in place – what for? I hear you ask. Well…..

Today I am going to do something different.  I am going to blatantly plagiarise, and trust that the author of this piece of writing, will not sue my pants off or worse yet, blow the whistle on me.  I am going to copy below, word for word, an article as it appears on page 37 of Channins Chat (September 2011, Vol 5).  It is copyrighted by The Informacist.com.  And the reason I am being so naughty is that I do believe this story needs a wider audience, so here goes:

“Again last month we mentioned a doctor, working in hospital, who had been victimised by her colleagues because they resented her going on maternity leave.  This month we have an article from Private Eye giving details of a medical lead in paediatrics in a Walsall hospital who complained of heating failures, understaffing and bullying in 2008/09.  He suffered the same treatment of false accusations of incompetence, witnesses being interviewed but no statements taken and handwritten notes destroyed.  Just the same sort of stuff Pam* suffered.

This appears to be happening in all sorts of areas with different health professionals and one begins to suspect a handbook for PCTs on how to force anybody who queries anything out of their job, must exist.

It’s interesting because at the moment I’m working on the white papers on how the Government intends to improve the health of the nation by a collaborative approach from individuals, local government, voluntary organisations and businesses.  They want to encourage people to question every thing so that there is accountability.  But if they condone this sort of behaviour, and we can see these are not isolated cases, then how on earth do they expect anybody to co-operate in these grand schemes?

For more information read an article in copy 1293 of Private Eye (22nd July 2011), called ‘How to skin a whistleblower’.  It defines the methods used by the NHS to shoot any messenger.  Interesting reading if you are having problems.”

As you can see, whistle blowing is not for sissies and certainly should not be undertaken without proper consideration of the very real possibility that you might find yourself hounded and your reputation sullied.

* If there is enough interest shown, I will obtain permission to write a blog on Pam’s very unfortunate experiences, that amazingly, is still ongoing.  If you want to know more, either leave me a COMMENT or drop me a twit.


One thought on “Bullying seems to be rife in the NHS

  1. I believe the whole culture in the NHS is changing and that whistle blowing WILL become less risky than it is now. But it does need that culture change . We as a profession cannot do much in isolation.

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