Sainsbury’s Treachery – cave canem!

treachery: (n) the act or instance of wilful betrayal or a violation of trust

Treachery is apparently a statutory offence in Australia – maybe we should take a leaf out of their book?

There is yet more evidence of a wolf amongst us. With reference to a report as published on the PDA’s website, I would like to share with you some of the thoughts and musings of St DrugMagister.

Sainsbury’s Annual Financial Report for 2011 gives the following statistics or ‘Financial Highlights’ as they call it:


+7.1% Sales (including VAT, including fuel) up 7.1%

Underlying operating profit

£738m Underlying operating profit up 10.0%

Underlying profit before tax

£665m Underlying profit before tax up 9.0%

Underlying basic earnings per share

26.5p Underlying basic earnings per share up 10.9%

Now you would all agree that the last bit about ‘earnings per share’ up by 10.9% is quite something.  I would like to compare that with returns on any savings account at the UK banks, which probably will give you a return of say at the most 3%.  In that light a 10.9% return looks positively beautiful!

So I ask you with tears in my grey blue eyes, how in god’s name these TWATS can lay their heads down at night, knowing that they had shafted one of the most important professions that has helped them to attain those very returns.  In Australia I would have suggested we take them to court for treachery, but alas the UK is too much of a soft spot for the big corporate guys.  Or maybe there is an avenue we could follow…

I suggest we get together, consult with the PDA, and take them to court on a charge of ‘buggery’.  We could even call it ‘corporate buggery’ – which would help to catch the headlines.

During my brief sojourn in the world of the Locum, I met some exemplar people, made lasting friendships and learned a lot.  I have many fond memories, but nothing compares to my recollections of having to negotiate for my fees and then being humiliated by having to chase, beg and threaten to get the monies they now owe me.  Sainsbury’s was by no means exempt from this, yet they were one of the worst slave drivers.

Guys you have seriously disturbed your Karma, and remember that big boys can also come to ruin – I suggest you be studious and read up on the trials and tribulations of the Murdoch family.  Or shall I be nice and give you a subtle warning – do not mess with the ‘little man’ – especially if you are standing on his shoulders.

You still have an opportunity to reverse this ill thought out move – be brave and do what is right, i.e. be the nobles that you are.


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