IPF Survey Results & Eli Lilly

With reference to an article by Isobel Smith as published on the C&D website on the 3rd of August 2011.

In this article Isobel reports the findings as published in the Independent Pharmacy Federation’s survey into the difficulties pharmacists face on a daily basis in order to obtain stocks for their customers.  Now this survey does not uncover any surprises for the average retail pharmacist, but hopefully supports what we have been saying for how long now?

But what I do find of particular interest is the rather large finger it pokes at three specific, shall we call them, DRUG MONSTERS.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is ‘Name and Shame’ time.  And our monsters today are Eli Lilly, Sanofi Avensis and Pfizer.  Even that in itself hardly comes as a surprise to those of us that spend hours every week in sourcing medicines.  The killer in St DrugMagister’s humble opinion is Lilly’s response.

I am not going to repeat Isobel’s story here, you can read it for yourself, but I am going to call shame and damnation down on Lilly’s corporate attitude of divinity.

Here is the analogy.  I have a customer satisfaction survey done for my little outfit of drug peddling.  This big shot survey company that DO know what they are on about then points out to me that the population of our little town finds that of all drug outlets in the neighbourhood, mine is the most difficult to deal with.  My god, like every other proprietor out there, I guarantee you I will sit up and listen.  For surely, central to my very existence are the happiness of my customers – for god’s sake they are after all my bread and butter. I will move heaven and earth to find out exactly what it is that I am doing wrong and what there is that I need to change.  Believe me, this will be the centre of my existence until we have achieved a 180 degree turn!

But alas, nooooooo!  Not Lilly!  No ladies and gentlemen, these boys are in no ways even fussed by the findings.  They could not care less.  In fact they do nothing to even explore the ramifications of what has just been leveled against them.  In fact all they have done is to show each and every retail pharmacist in the UK a well manicured corporate middle finger.

Well boys and girls, enough is enough.  You have been warned.  When next you read in the papers about a pharmacist that has hounded a visiting Lilly rep by emptying a bottle of lactulose on his head, you will finally know the true identity of the Magister!

Lilly, your arrogance has been noted – good luck!


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